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The Boomer Technology Circles™


Bridging the gap between technology and firm management!

The Boomer Technology Circles are communities of IT professionals and firm leaders who share best practices and lessons learned in order to get the most benefit from the use of technology. Member firms meet 3 times a year and each firm is represented by both a Partner and IT Leader.

What makes the Boomer Technology Circles unique?

The Boomer Technology Circles are technology-focused communities that bring together firm and IT leadership from peer accounting firms. Firms multiply their success by sharing knowledge, experiences and insights and helping one another with management and technology decisionsMembers also have access to top solution providers as well as top influencers within the profession.

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"Top Trends from the BTC meetings"

Profile of a Peer Firm

  • The desire to be proactive when it comes to firm technology
  • Open and willingness to share their firm’s successes and lessons learned
  • Looking to learn from other similar-sized firms in a non-competitive environment
  • Represented at meetings by both a Partner and IT Leader

Benefits of Membership

  • Learn from similar-sized firms in a non-competitive environment
  • Get advice from peers that have experienced, or are experiencing, similar issues
  • Gain confidence your firm is making the correct technology decisions
  • Discover new ideas and avoid pitfalls
  • Access top experts and technology providers
  • Set goals, plan for success and be held accountable
  • Build trusted, personal and professional relationships
  • Ability to benchmark firm performance against other leading firms based on financial and technology metrics
  • Opportunities to learn from firms of all sizes
  • Strengthen alignment between IT and firm vision

Questions to Consider

  • Do you view technology as a strategic asset?
  • Are you willing to dedicate time to a peer group of firm & IT leaders?
  • Are you willing to share your experiences with others and to learn from their experiences?
  • Are you willing to be held accountable by your peer group as you strive to improve how your firm utilizes technology to meet firm goals?
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"So I would strongly encourage any firm that is dealing with technology issues, spending dollars on technology - which is every firm today - you want a sounding block, you want to discuss with your peers, you want to see what’s going on in the marketplace? There is no better organization to do it then right here at the Boomer Circles."

James C. Bourke - CPA.CITP, CFF, CGMA
Partner-in-charge of Firm Technology

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